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Biocosmos Science & Nature is a company that constantly invests in the latest research and development in order to achieve the best formulations of dietary supplements, medicinal herbal products, phytotherapeutic agents and sports nutrition. We offer newly designed certified products which are the result of continuous prestigious scientific researches in the field of food science and nutrition, nutraceuticals and sports medicine.

Modern manufacturing facilities that offer advanced techniques for processing raw materials in accordance with the highest standards regarding the manufacturing of finished products provide innovation and efficiency of our dietary supplements. In that way we combine in a natural way the revolutionary scientific spirit and important biological properties of the ingredients. Our exclusive dietary supplements contain plant fitocomplexes with a high content of nutrients. We offer them in powder, in form of caplets, capsules, energy and protein bars and in form of delicious and extremely practical chewable caplets of the latest generation with an energizing effect and/or with a high vitamin and mineral content.

We use only the best raw materials of pharmaceutical quality provided by the best suppliers on the market, such as:

  • - the purest titrated and standardized herbal extracts with a high content of active ingredients;
  • - selected mixtures of proteins with a sophisticated flavour, containing natural aromas;
  • - exclusive powders and caplets with a revitalizing and energizing effect;
  • - the purest essential amino acids and their derivatives;
  • - unsaturated fatty acids;
  • - probiotics and prebiotics (resistant to gastric juices, stomach acid, that do not contain lactose);
  • - genuine minerals (with high bioavailability);
  • - antioxidants, designed with the use of the most advanced processes and ingredients.

We also produce products with a unique designs that have an energizing effect, burn fat, reduce feelings of hunger, and products that due to their revolutionary design have an extremely effective revitalizing effect and act as stimulants (increase libido, potency and virility). They are designed exclusively to meet the new market needs and trends. All supplements are designed and developed using natural manufacturing methodologies bearing in mind a specific purpose — to provide effective and safe nutritional supplements that:

  • - actively contribute to the health and general well-being of the whole body and successfully contribute to the health and vitality of the major organs and their respective systems in the body, just as it was designed;
  • - help to maintain and/or increase muscle strength, muscle mass and the average energy levels;
  • - provide assistance in controlling and/or losing body weight — the aim is to gain lean body mass and consequently lose fat;
  • - contribute to the well-being during periods of stress, drop of physical energy and during the changing of the seasons.

The objective that the whole collective of the company tries to reach through daily hard work is to provide a value system in the field of nutritional supplements. Our work and products are constantly evolving and their design goes hand in hand with the latest researches. In combination with a healthy lifestyle we try to provide assistance to reach natural health.

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