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The company Biocosmos Science & Nature has developed the brand Biocosmosport, a production line that comprises products dedicated to SPORT, FITNESS AND ENDURANCE. These products encompasses the knowledge, experience and expertise of scientists in the field ofnutraceuticals, sports medicineand pharmacy, which is visibly reflected in their quality.

This brand comprises products made with the utmost precision, with carefully selected raw materials and using dietary supplement sprofiles, and highly effective sports supplements of new design conceived for those engaged in sports activities as well as for those who want to maintain an optimum nutrition.

The entire product line Biocosmosport is the result of continuous researches, of testedand certified formulations. Our products have been designed and developed by the best nutritionists and experts in sports nutrition in cooperation with market researchers and various athletes. The link with the world of sport is strong. With the work invested in the study of the products, we strive to put on the market products with high bioavailability that assist inall of the sports phases — pre, during and post workout.

The researchers of the Biocosmosport brand focus mainly on those factors that affect the most the bioavailability of the ingredients present in products:

  • - Quality of raw materials;
  • - the type of the process of the product;
  • - forms of intake of the product;
  • - the synergistic action and balance of the ingredients.

Our goal isto develop and provide effective dietary supplement sof high quality that meet the users’ expectations, are made according to the best available resources, take effectin a short time and balance our diet in a natural way.


A few years ago the European Union has issued strict and specific rules concerning the manufacture of food supplements which are sold in the European Union. These regulations are quite different from those in vigor in the United States. The company Biocosmos Science & Nature follows the quality management system standards, established by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the quality control system based on the European standard ISO 9001. All this is a reflection of our way of working that follows regulations and the highest international standards in order to provide products of the highest quality.

We are proud that we are transparent. All of our products reflect full transparency and information regarding the design, quality of the ingredients, proportions of the ingredients, nutritional value, production batch numbers, instructions for use, etc. For every product you can find a detailed technical description that is suitable for those who are interested in food supplements as well as for professionals who are interested in the latest research in this field. Biocosmosport strives to offer our clients comprehensive and reliable information about the products. Our company wants to increase customer awareness regarding the content of the products, instructions for use and the effect of the products.

To choose the Biocosmosport brand means to get a “guarantee on the effectiveness of the product" because we choose only the most praised raw materials of pharmaceutical quality supplied by the most high quality suppliers.


Some well-known international brands selected because of the purest and highest quality raw materials: